Formalities to buy a property in Mallorca

If you are not resident in Spain, before buying a property in Mallorca, you must carry out the procedures that we detail below.

First of all you need to acquire an NIE o ID for foreigners, which is personal. It´s an identification number for foreigners for fiscal purposes and necessary to carry out any economic activity in Spain.
This is the only mandatory document that you need.
How do I obtain it?
If you are not in Spain you could organize this with the Spanish consulate. By making an appointment with the Extranjeria office Mallorca
The address is Carrer Felicia Fuster 7 in Palma (behind Congress Palace)
Once all of the paperwork has been accepted, all that will be left is to pay and return with the receipt from the bank.
At the Extranjeria office you will be given a Tax Payment form which you will pay at a nearby bank. Once you have paid, you must present the proof of payment in Extranjeria office and you will be assigned your NIE number. after 2-3 weeks you´ll have your NIE number.
If you are not a resident of the European Union then you will also need to provide a notarial certificate justifying the reason for which you are requesting a NIE Number.

After this, it is necessary to open a a Spanish bank account for the Purchase. You´ll need to transfer the PUrchase Payment from your own Bank Account to the Spanish BAnk Account and then your Spanish Bank will make your checs for the purchase. Looking ahead you will also need your bank account to pay electricity, water, taxes…

Finally, At the notary, you must fill in the Application form to confirm the absence of Money Laundering.

I would recommend you to work with a Professional to avoid surprises with Taxes.